On 11th November the Division for the most part was concentrated in the Corps rear area at Beauvois and Fontaine. The artillery was preparing to move back through Villereau to Le Quesnoy. The Engineers and Tunnellers, still in the forward areas about Le Quesnoy, were building bridges, repairing roads and erecting baths and laundries.

The telegraph message from the Corps announcing the Armistice was in these terms:—“Following from Third Army begins. Hostilities will ceases at 11.00 hours to-day November 11th. Troops will stand fast on line reached at that hour which will be reported by wire to Third Army. Defensive precautions will be maintained. There will be no intercourse of any description with the enemy until the receipt of instructions from Army Headquarters aaa Further instructions will follow aaa Advise all concerned. Time 0800 hours”

The news was received by the Division and by the Armies generally in a matter of fact way, totally devoid of any demonstration of emotion. A Divisional Service of Thanksgiving was held on 14th November.